How can you look feminine with short hair?

Making yourself look stunning is very important and when you are a woman it is very important to give a good concentration towards your hair. Some people will like to cut their hair shorter than normal but at the same time, they will not wish to make themselves look-alike man.

How do you dress feminine with short hair?

Having short hair will make you look different. This will give you a tomboy outlook. When you have short hair you have to dress according to them. Changing the style of your hair should also involve in the changing of personal style. You can see a lot of women who fall on the long hair […]

How to do makeup for droopy eyelids

Your eyes are the report of your personality. It can tell everything about you. It can answer any questions about your health, mood, perspective, willingness, etc. It is common and you have noticed that both health and beauty of the eyes vanish as people grow old. In order to get the charm of the eyes […]

Things to do when the tattoo is peeling

It is disheartening to see your favourite tattoo peeling off. When your tattoo peels, it will neither look good nor feel good. But it is important to understand and accept that is also a part of the tattoo healing process. It is not something that you cannot fix. There are several things to do when […]

All about petite in clothing

Petite is a word which has a prominent place in the clothing industry. The literal meaning of petite is small. But Petite size means a little different in clothing. What does petite mean in clothing? It covers the range of clothing which fits women who are 5 feet 4 inches or under. It is wise […]

Difference between a barber and hairdresser

There is a huge difference between a barber and the hairdresser from its origin to the contemporary. Though it seems to be the same, there are a lot of differences in each and every aspect of a barber and a hairdresser. Origin People have held the occupation of a barber over 5000 years. It involves […]

Difference between a Cosmetologist and an Esthetician

Cosmetology is all about the study on hair, skin and nails. They mostly focus on their careers in one professional area. On the other hand, esthetics will work on complete skin care. However, an esthetician is not qualified to do certain tasks of cosmetologists. With some additional training, a cosmetologist can do the task of […]