How to do makeup for droopy eyelids

Your eyes are the report of your personality. It can tell everything about you. It can answer any questions about your health, mood, perspective, willingness, etc. It is common and you have noticed that both health and beauty of the eyes vanish as people grow old. In order to get the charm of the eyes back, people tend to go for surgery to perform an eye lift to cover the sagging eyelids.

But that is another way, to camouflage it. In this article, we will see some ideas on makeup for droopy eyelids. Make use of this guide and get rid of your drooping eyelids during important occasions.

Eyelashes – Target

In the makeup process, half of the work is set right when you focus on your eyelashes correctly. It can open up your eyes and make it look healthy. Go for long and lush eyelashes. Before the application of mascara curl your lashes. Now apply a double or triple coat of mascara. You have to apply mascara on your bottom lashes as well. This can bring back the lost life to your eyes.

After you had called it a day, remove the eye makeup. It means you have to take away mascara from the lashes. If you leave the mascara overnight and do not clean your eyes it can develop infections.

makeup for droopy eyelids

Eye shadows with concealers – Replace

Everyone is blessed with different Eyes. The eyeshadows, especially the dark ones can make your eyes recede inside. Sometimes, it will also make deep circles under the eyes.

To fix drooping eyelids makeup with a concealer. You have to find a concealer that suits your colour. It is perfect to choose one shade lighter than your skin tone. The concealer should sink into the lines under your eyes and highlight them. You should always apply a concealer by putting dots with it and patting them with your middle finger.

Highlighting Eyes – Lift

Perfect makeup for saggy eyelids needs you to use a highlighter pen. This is really amazing if you want to lift your eyes. If you apply it on the shadows it can show you the instant results. You can visually lift the eyes if you use the highlighter pen how his eyebrow.

lift the eyes

The Upper Lid – Trick

It is a strict rule, to apply the eyeliner only on the upper lid. You should also avoid thick and heavy lines. Never apply it to the lower lids of the eyes. This will grab more attention to your small eyes which is never our aim. It is also important that you do not apply eyeliner the inside of your eyes as this can droop your drooping eyelids makeup.

Less – is more

Do not have a lot of different colours as your eyeshadow. Forget all the bright and crazy attention-seeking colours. It is very good if you replace your eyeshadow with an eyeshadow primer. After this, you can go for any light eyeshadow that is suitable to your skin colour.