petite in clothing

All about petite in clothing

Petite is a word which has a prominent place in the clothing industry. The literal meaning of petite is small. But Petite size means a little different in clothing. What does petite mean in clothing?

It covers the range of clothing which fits women who are 5 feet 4 inches or under. It is wise enough to check the size charts before you make an actual purchase. The reason behind it is that many retailers might have designated variations in the height in the petite cloth.

Evolution of petite fashion

When the fashion industry was evolving, suddenly the notice was on regular clothing and shorter women. It was found that regular clothing was not apt for shorter women. Especially it was long-waisted for the shorter women. This led to the advent of petite clothing.

However, this new arrival of clothing targeting the 5 feet 4-inch women was not recognised. Many of the cloth-making people also did not give importance and of petite size clothing. But somewhere in time, many retailers raised offering petite clothes.

What is the meaning of petite in clothing?

Are petite sizes just shorter? It does not mean this way. It just intends to convey that when you are in this particular height range, the cloth will suit you better in spite of your body shape or age. Petite size means that, if you are in that particular height of 5 feet 4 inch with any body shape say rectangular, hourglass, triangular invented Triangle, slim or curvy, petite will better fit you.

Petite vs regular size

The difference that you can find in the petite versus regular size is that it is shorter in length. In the clothing, the sleeves, the leg lengths, the skirts and tops are all short than the regular size.

It has differences. The design of petite clothing will take extra care to make the wearer look taller. So features like vertical stripes, smaller print and smaller buttons can be found very often.

Ideas for shopping petite clothes

You have to determine and select what looks best on your body shape. You should also consider your petiteness with your age. You can take the help of a personal shopper. Online catalogues are also available. It will also equally help you. You can also find tremendous collections and better options for Petites online.

So do not confuse the literal meaning of the petite. It is a range of clothing that will better fit women who are of height 5 feet 4 inch or under. Whether you again have the question does petite mean short? I hope I have clarified it in the article. Know whether you come under this range and pick up the best clothes for you. It is time to show off!!