How do you dress feminine with short hair?

Having short hair will make you look different. This will give you a tomboy outlook. When you have short hair you have to dress according to them. Changing the style of your hair should also involve in the changing of personal style. You can see a lot of women who fall on the long hair in which they get higher confidence.

It is not that if your short hair you will look like a boy you can even dress feminine with short hair also. You need to tune your body and the style of your walking when you have a short haircut. When you already have long hair and if you feel very difficult to cut them emotionally you can take risks which will bring a new look in you that you may like.

Your hairstyle will look beautiful and intriguing despite your thick hair. To choose among short hairstyles for thick hair read more on the next page, and make a decision.

Clothing style:

Avoid wearing clothes that will be loose and try for the fitting dress. But be sure on the dress which you wear will make you look feminine and not like a masculine. You can wear a layered dress like a blazer which will give you a tomboy appearance.

Without strap:

The perfect outfits for short hair will be the dress that has no strap to hang on the shoulder. This will look gentle as well as good when it is being worn by a short hair woman. This will make everyone focus on the face of the person.


To balance your short hair, look and give a slight touch to the feminine you can wear large earing with a short necklace which will show you gorgeous. If you don’t feel like your hair disturbing, you by coming into the face then you can even wear a headband. Before you go out from home do all the necessary things and see you in front of the mirror and examine yourself from the place of others and also get to know which style will suit you more.


Makeup is the most important thing which plays a major role in your expression. When you have short hair you can have a good lip color which should be bright enough.

Final thoughts:

You can find a lot of dresses for short hair which will make you look different in the crowd. You can feel the changes in you after you have a short haircut. Follow the tips that are mentioned above and make ready of yourself mind-blowingly.