Things to do when the tattoo is peeling

It is disheartening to see your favourite tattoo peeling off. When your tattoo peels, it will neither look good nor feel good. But it is important to understand and accept that is also a part of the tattoo healing process.

It is not something that you cannot fix. There are several things to do when the tattoo is peeling. They will work amazingly and relieve you from the discomforts caused by your peeling tattoo. It will also help in the healing process. In this article, let us find out the tricks which can cure tatoo peeling.

tattoo is peelingCauses for tattoo peeling

Tattoo peeling will not be the same for everybody. It is because everyone has a unique body. For some people, the tattoo will peel within two days of getting a new tattoo. And many others will not experience peeling even after weeks.

Our body will release the dead skins out every day. And tattoo peeling is just the outcome of this. There is nothing to be worried or scared as it is a normal healing process.

You can recognise it when you see coloured chunks of skin. Even when the peel comes out your tattoo will be in its position. So when your tattoo is peeling your epidermis, which is the top layer of your skin is shedding out. Your tattoo is intact because the tattoo ink has its impact till the dermis of your skin. And this protects your tattoo on your skin.

What to do when your tattoo peels

Accept and understand

Accept and understand the fact that tattoo supposed to peel. It is true that it looks like burnt skin or cracked skin. Believe that your body is healing itself. Many times it can be dry and itchy.

Moisturize regularly

When the peeling process has begun, you have to moisturize your tattoo on a daily basis. Soon after you get your tattoo, for the first three days you should wash dry and put ointment on it regularly. It is very important to use lotion and keep your tattoo moist on the 4th day.

If you put lotion on the tattoo on a daily basis you can get rid of itchiness. This will also improve the appearance of the tattoo. For the next 25 days, you have to apply the lotion 2 to 3 times every day.

At this time also apply a thin layer of lotion over your skin. It is also not recommended to apply a thin coat of the lotion on the tattoo. This will block the pores and will cause other problems.

Intense itching?

If the itching is so much you can gently slap on the tattoo. When you couldn’t control it take an antihistamine, which will definitely a relief from itching. Look for a product that has an antihistamine. You can also use hydrocortisone cream battery should not be used for the long term.

tattoo is scabbing


If your tattoo is scabbing, all you can do is to moisturize it completely. It is also important that you don’t pick them. Within a period of 2 weeks, your scabs will begin to fall off by themselves. Do not Rush and pick your scabs it will affect the tattoo ink.

Peeling is done

You can see that no more flakes are falling off your tattoo. This means that feeling is completed now. The tattoo will look very glossy and shiny. But again the tatoo healing process is not complete now. This will take a minimum period of six weeks to heal.